Data Science Platform

Forcewave provides a participatory data science platform
for analyzing and predicting by convergence of big data in various fields,
and competing and communicating with data scientists.

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

Forcewave provides consulting on customized cloud infrastructure
needed to optimally configure the system architecture based on the latest technology.

Spatial BigData Solution

Forcewave's spatial big data solution
effectively cleanses, processes, analyzes, and services complex
and various types of spatiotemporal big data.

Convergence Geospatial Information Technology

Forcewave supports the creation of new future value
by incorporating the latest geospatial information technology into your business.

About Us




ForceWave “Powerful and influential fourth wave“ 

contains our commitment to create another future by designing the three fastest, most powerful, and fascinating things (time, space, and knowledge) with our customers.

ForceWave shall develop into a Global ICT service company that leads the knowledge creation society of the 21st century by creating values for customers by actively taking on challenges with a creative mind and passionate heart.

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“New ICT Service Pioneer”

We will develop our new ICT service fields focusing on spatial data –based integrated and combined application systems.

ForceWave pursues ICT-based environment establishment, continuous technology architecture innovation and expansion of integration and combination-based application systems based on expertise in spatial data-based application consulting and information system establishment and operation.

SI Service    IT Outsourcing

ICT Consulting Solution Service


“Beyond Your Imagination”
We maximize your business value with solutions based on the latest technology beyond your imagination.

ForceWave provides optimal solutions that combine customer needs with cutting edge technology in integrated and combined application fields based on spatial data, thus saving customers’ time and money and guaranteeing performance and quality to create new value for customers.

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“Explore the Opportunities”

Creative, Passionate, Driven to succeed !!!

We are looking for creative and passionate people to grow together with ForceWave.
A company where every day is fun! Apply now...

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